Have you completed the 2023 US Post Production Survey yet?

This post is by Scott Simmons from ProVideo Coalition

Here we are mid-way through November, and the 2023 US Post Production Survey is about halfway through its midway point before closing at the end of the month. Once the survey closes, the long and arduous task of processing the data, making sense of it and then creating an output from said data that is both easy to understand and, more importantly, useful.

But to complete this survey, there must be enough US respondents for good data. And we aren’t there yet.

Katie is the creator of the post-production survey and has spent many hours making it happen over the years. Katie is also a partner in crime with Michael Kammes and myself in the Alan Smithee roundtable podcast (Apple podcast link) where we have discussed the post-production rate survey many times.

And I’m sure we’ll talk about it again when this year’s survey is complete, assuming there are enough respondents to make the data complete. 

So, if you work in post-production, please take time to fill out this survey. Here’s the link in big type so you can’t miss it!

Please take the 2023 US Post Production Survey

And here’s some Twitter embeds talking about the survey.

This was November 13, 2023:

And if you dig around Twitter a bit you might see Katie sharing some of that data already.

See, here’s some of that data!