Sony Reportedly Bringing Global Shutter to Larger Sensor Cinema Cameras

This post is by Sunny Shrestha from No Film School

Since announcing the Sony a9 III last week, the world’s first full-frame camera with global shutter, many have been wondering what Sony would do with this technology next. This is after all perhaps the biggest camera technology breakthrough since, I don’t know, 4K video was introduced over a decade ago.

Of course, camera fans and gearheads will talk as they will, but reports appear to have been found confirming that Sony is already at work developing a new video camera that will make use of this global shutter technology.

Let’s take a look at these rumors and reports, as well as share some of our own thoughts into what future cameras (specifically Sony’s cinema camera line) might benefit most from global shutter technology.

The Next Sony Global Shutter Camera

Coming from reports picked up by Canon Rumors, it sounds like Sony has let slip that they are working on an updated PXW-FX9, the brand’s 6K full-frame camera system, as perhaps their first global shutter cinema camera target.

Along with the possible addition of a global shutter lens, the reports indicate that the new FX9 would maintain the 15+ stops of dynamic range, but would include a base ISO raised to 2000 (meeting the F55 level), with a second ISO set to go up to 6400 second ISO, which would be slightly better than the current FX9 and its 5120 second ISO.

It also sounds like any new Sony FX9 camera could quickly lead to the development of new PXW-Z750 and PXW-FX9M2 dual broadcast cameras to also make use of this global shutter technology.

If all of these are pushed by early 2024, then it could give Sony at least one camera for each market of hybrid photo/video cameras, cinema cameras, and broadcast.

Other New Sony Cameras on the Way

\u200bCould the Sony FX9 be the next camera to get global shutter?

The report also shared some insights into an updated PXW-Z750, Sony’s 4K Shoulder-Mount Broadcast Camcorder, and what that new camera could offer with a larger sensor and global shutter. A popular camera, a certain class of on-the-go broadcast shooters, a target audience that might actually benefit the most from the perks of global shutter technology.

Set to be positioned next to the XDCAM 6K and CineLine perhaps, alongside global shutter a new Sony Z750 could include “full-frame oversampling/S35 point-to-point DCI & UHD 4K/120p, S35 oversampling FHD/240p, does not support X-OCN internal recording.”

What Global Shutter Cameras Might be Next?

That’s the biggest question here. While a Sony FX9 with a global shutter would probably be one of the most popular cinema cameras of the next year, or perhaps even longer, it would undoubtedly leave those looking for global shutter implementation into even bigger cameras clamoring for more.

The Sony VENICE would be a likely candidate, but Sony does report that while their VENICE does use the rolling shutter format, it does have a Fast Shutter which is capable of shooting with less motion distortion than a general CMOS image sensor.

Still, with the Sony a9 III just now being released, Sony already has a very solid photo and video camera on the market that should be one of the hottest buys going into the 2023 holiday season.

Yet, if we know this camera market and its constant push for bigger and better, it’s hard to imagine a world where Sony isn’t adding this tech to every camera under the sun here soon.