The Buyback Principle: Unlocking More Time for Your Art

This post is by Chase from Chase Jarvis Photography

Time. We all have more things we want to do than hours in the day. As a creative, I’ve often grappled with how to best allocate my hours, ensuring that I’m not only productive but also fulfilled. The idea of “buying back your time” isn’t a new concept, but a recent conversation with seasoned entrepreneur and coach, Dan Martell, helped galvanize this idea for me. While Dan’s insights are primarily tailored for business leaders, I found them deeply resonant for us creatives. Understanding the Buyback Principle At its core, the buyback principle isn’t about hiring people to grow your business or craft. It’s about hiring or delegating to reclaim your time. Think about it: if you spend hours on administrative tasks, are you truly maximizing your creative potential? Probably not. By offloading tasks that don’t directly contribute to your creative output, you’re essentially buying back hours that can be better spent elsewhere. The Buyback Principle: More Than Just Hiring Dan emphasized that we shouldn’t just hire people to grow our ventures but to reclaim our time. By focusing on buying back our time, growth often follows naturally. However, if we only concentrate on growth, we might not always reclaim our […]

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