Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 Sony FE: a new compact cine lens

This post is by Jose Antunes from ProVideo Coalition

Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 Sony FE: a new compact cine lensIntroduced by Samyang as “The World’s First Cine AF”, the V-AF lens series  expands now with a new tele lens perfect for shooting portraits and still life, the new Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 Sony FE.

Despite being 13 mm longer, the new Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 Sony FE lens shares the same weight and front size so you don’t have to rebalance it when using it on a gimbal. The focus ring also shares the same position as the other lenses. The unified form factor from wide-angle to telephoto eliminates the need for readjustment when changing lenses in gimbal/drone environments, providing a convenient user experience.

The small size and weight of 280g, which is the same across the whole series, reduce the burden on the user, and the Tally Lamp on the lens’s side and front helps even solo creators easily monitor the recording status. The 100mm is the new lens added to Samyang’s (or Rokinon in North America) V-AF series, a compact and lightweight cine auto-focus lens, optimized for video shooting, introduced as providing convenient features and professional performance for all video creators, from content creators to small productions and even film cinematographers.

Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 Sony FE: a new compact cine lensThe 100mm focal length together with the great T2.3 aperture makes the lens perfect for shooting portraits and interviews but also great for product and still life. Samyang says that the new lens comes with the same fast autofocus, consistent color tone and cinematic features as the other lenses in the series. It is slightly longer, as noted above, due to the optical construction consisting of 9 elements in 8 groups. 2 HR and 2 ED lenses have been incorporated in the construction to give superior optical performance.

Samyang V-AF 100mm T2.3 Sony FE: a new compact cine lensAnamorphic adapter for the V-AF series

Just like the previous lenses in the series, the new 100mm has a customizable dial on the side of the lens that can be set to use manual focus or allow aperture adjustment by turning the focus ring. Below that switch is a focus hold button, which allows the focus to be locked at a certain distance. The user can also assign other desired functions to the button via firmware update.

The new lens will also fit Samyang’s new anamorphic adapter for the V-AF series. The adapter will add anamorphic features to the popular V-AF lenses and is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2024.

Key features and characteristics
– Cinematic expression with smooth and precise AF performance
– Supports up to 8K resolution from wide-angle to telephoto
– Sharp images in low light and shallow depth of field with a bright aperture of T1.9 (100mm T2.3)
– Lightweight with its unified form factor, reducing the burden on the shooter and optimizing for gimbal/drone environments
– Easy monitoring of shooting status with the Tally Lamps
– The new focus ring design allows for Follow Focus gear attachment without additional accessories
– Utilizes front electronic contacts for connecting dedicated V-AF accessories