Art of the Frame Podcasts: The Alan Smithee Round Table – Vision Pro and the impact of AI & AR Technologies

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In the first edition of the Alan Smithee Round Table for 2024, the team delves into the latest developments in Vision Pro and the impact of AI and AR in the media and entertainment industry. Hosts Scott Simmons, Katie Hinsen & Michael Kammes discuss the potential of Vision Pro and its impact on media consumption and content creation as well as the potential for shorter form content, the monetization of live events, and the transformative nature of immersive experiences in the industry.

The emergence of AI and its impact on post-production is also explored by the group. The potential of AI to revolutionize the industry is widely recognized, but the panelists emphasize the importance of balancing technological innovation with the preservation of creative talent and expertise. The group also touches on the practical applications of AI in video analysis and its potential to transform content creation.

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