Deadly Wildfires Rage Through Central Chile (20 photos)

This post is by Pierre-Louis Ferrer from The Atlantic Photo

Parts of central Chile have recently experienced unusually high temperatures and dry weather, sparking dozens of forest fires that have killed more than 100 people. Over the weekend, wildfires burned through several hillside neighborhoods in the city of Viña del Mar, destroying hundreds of homes. A state of emergency was declared by Chilean President Gabriel Boric, who also declared two days of national mourning, as firefighters still work to contain the blazes, and survivors return to their homes to recover what they can.

An aerial view of a hillside residential neighborhood with many burning houses
An aerial view of fire burning through a neighborhood in the hills of the city of Viña del Mar in the Las Pataguas sector, Chile, taken on February 3, 2024.

Javier Torres / AFP / Getty)