Done Isn’t Easy: The Advice I Needed to Make My Project Deadline

This post is by Gregory Eddi Jones from Chase Jarvis Photography

I stand on stage and talk about this. I can write about it with confidence. But even having lived 20 creative lives, there are roadblocks that inevitably show up. And they appear right when a project is nearing its end. This is how I feel about my new book. My thought process is that if you’re not sick of a project when it nears the end, you didn’t go deep enough. So, what do we do when we’re stuck in a creative rut? Today I’m joined by my good friend Christopher Gerard. As the current VP of Content Marketing at Outside Interactive Inc., he’s all too familiar with deadlines and the stress they can bring on. We’re going to dive into some tips and ideas about getting unstuck, especially when you’re getting close to the end of a project. Know When Your Stuck First things first. You’ve got to recognize when you’re stuck in the first place. It’s an integral part of the creative process. Acknowledge and accept these moments as a normal part of your creative journey. By embracing this understanding, you can navigate through the challenges with resilience and find ways to overcome the obstacles that may come […]

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