Luminar Neo version 1.18.2 released

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Skyklum released Luminar Neo version 1.18.2 with more stable performance and better metadata reading for DNG files, which means more accurate image opening – this includes correct colors and vignetting, especially on results created from drone photos with the Panorama Stitching Extension. Here is the list of bug fixes:

macOS Bug fixes:

  • Smoother function of onboarding tips when the corresponding tool is collapsed in the Edits tab
  • Centered display of news screens in Luminar Neo
  • Smoother creation of a Catalog via the backup window
  • Accurate number of photos displayed in the Recently Edited folder in the Catalog
  • Better Sky AI performance in Apple Photos
  • More convenient workflow with GenErase in the Catalog
  • More convenient Сatalog scrolling when switching between tabs

Windows Bug fixes:

  • Tips and tools accurately displayed while learning with the onboarding
  • Better rendering of the onboarding screen in a minimized Luminar Neo window
  • More precise Dodge and Burn onboarding
  • Better work with Exif data when exporting images from Lightroom to the Luminar Neo plugin
  • More accurate positioning of the Tabs onboarding window

The different Luminart Neo plans can be found here.

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