Mike’s on Vacation (Blog Note)

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Pardon the interruption! Since I haven’t been keeping up very well for several days, I’m just going to do like I’ve done eight or ten times before when one of these FONKU* kernel panics happens, and give in and take a vacation. I’m feeling fine, in fact never better, but all the same I need a little R&R. It’s been a hard Fall, followed by big changes. I plan to do a little reading, cook some soup, get on the treadmill, continue practicing touch-typing, and take the TOP jalopy in to be repaired. On Thursday I get my first cardiac checkup since I started running on battery power. I can’t wait. The news has all been good, except when it’s been great.

TOP will return on Friday morning. That’ll give me a nice break, and I’ll come back rejuvenated and refreshed. Again, pardon the CLOSED sign! One thing I’m going to do is take the camera for a walk and scout some new pictures. Spring is right around the corner.

All is well, and I hope it is with you too.

Mike, Head Dogsbody of Creative, Editorial, and Secretarial Services

*Fear of not keeping up. The more behind I get, the more it interferes with work. That usually means it’s time for a hard reset.

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