This post is by Brian Hallett from ProVideo Coalition

ZEISS Nano Primes are cinema lenses designed for modern full-frame mirrorless cameras — initially available for Sony E-mount. Lenses for everyone looking for the highest performance and cinematic look in a small package. The six focal lengths all feature a consistent T1.5, come with a small and robust real cine lens housing with professional cine ergonomics, and have an interchangeable mount.Zeiss Nano Primes

Nano Primes are lenses for all cinematographers. No matter if up-and-coming or seasoned DP. For all budgets. No matter if small or big. For all projects. No matter if for commercials, documentaries, or music videos, for series, independent, or feature films. Lenses that check all the boxes when it comes to look, ergonomics, size, and weight or lens data workflow. Lenses that you can afford. Lenses that won‘t let you down.​

Comprehensive Focal Range

With a focal range containing 18mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, Nano Primes ensure all-encompassing angle of views from wide-angle to tele, making them the go-to choice for diverse cinematic needs.Zeiss Nano Primes

Covering Cinematic Full Frame 

Full frame sensors amplify visual depth and character. Nano Primes cover these bigger sensors, empowering all cinematographers, no matter if they are up-and-coming or seasoned, to craft images rich in volume and personality.Zeiss Nano Primes

Cinematic Look in Every Shot 

The Nano Primes‘ high speed combined with their close focus capability delivers captivating shallow depth-of-field, even with wide-angle shots. The maximum aperture of T1.5 and the round 12-blade iris produce an elegant bokeh, enabling the creation of true cinematic images. Offering a versatile and gentle sharpness akin to Supreme Primes, they‘re ideal for B-cam and C-cam or as a budget-friendly alternative.Zeiss Nano Primes

Full Cine Ergonomics in a Small Package 

Nano Primes excel in precision and durability. Featuring a compact design with a 95mm compendium ring and an 86mm screw-in filter thread, they seamlessly integrate with gimbals and drones. The consistent position of focus and iris rings streamlines lens changes while offering easy-to-read calibrated scales, a smooth 280° focus rotation, and a 90° iris ring rotation for precise control.

Tested for Harsh Conditions 

Certified for extreme conditions – cold, rain, and more – Nano Primes undergo rigorous testing, ensuring unmatched durability in the toughest filming environments. Nano Primes are the go-to lenses for every day.Zeiss Nano Primes

ZEISS T* Coating 

The historical invention of anti-reflective coatings by Alexander Smakula is just a single event – an event that launched an entirely new epoch in the field of optics. Image brightness, twilight performance, and brilliance were redefined by the T* coating and are still an outstanding feature of all ZEISS products.


The ZEISS Nano Prime lenses are equipped with ZEISS’s tried and tested easy-to-operate interchangeable mount system (IMS). It enables a quick change from E-mount to additional lens mounts in the future. This proven feature offers tremendous flexibility and is a future-proof investment in today’s rapidly changing camera market.

ZEISS Lens Data & CinCraft 

Thanks to the integrated electronic interface on their mount, the Nano Primes transmit real-time metadata such as focal length, focus distance, and aperture to the camera. Further lens data for distortion and vignetting is available in the ZEISS CinCraft ecosystem and thus for postproduction (CinCraft Mapper) as well as in the CinCraft Scenario camera tracking system.Zeiss Nano Primes


ZEISS Nano Prime lenses are assembled by hand and engraved with individually calibrated scales. Serviceability is a top priority starting in the initial stages of the development process. ZEISS has built up a global service network in recent years with authorized service stations offering service according to factory standards in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Zeiss Nano Pricing

The ZEISS Nano Prime Cinema Lenses for E-mount are now available to pre-order for $4,490 each, except the 18mm T1.5 and 100mm T1.5 are $4,990 each. There is also a 6-lens set for $25,950. The lenses should ship in late May.New Zeiss Nano Full-Frame T1.5 Prime Lenses 2