SmallRig PH8 Professional Fluid Head

This post is by Paul Monaghan from Newsshooter

SmallRig has officially announced its new PH8 Professional Fluid Head that features an adjustable 6-step counterbalance system. It is a 75mm bowl compatible fluid head. This fluid head was first teased late last year. The 6-step counterbalance system is claimed to balance the camera or other rigs and accurately controls the camera tilt. The payload capacity of the Professional Fluid Head PH8 is said to be up to 8kg / 17.6lb. The SmallRig Professional Fluid Head PH8 is reasonably lightweight and compact. It weighs 1.8kg / 4.0lb, which does make it lighter and smaller than some other similar products on the market. The adjustable 4-step hydraulic damping system enables swivel and tilt adjustment. The fluid head PH8 also adopts a new Touch-and-Go quick release mount plate design which does not require alignment and is claimed to be … Continued

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