Where Can I Buy a Burano?

This post is by Jason Hellerman from XDCAM-USER.COM by Alister Chapman

Many were expecting the Sony Burano camera to start shipping this week. However there is currently a small delay of around 2 weeks while some additional calibration work is being done. So, at the moment it looks like camera will ship at the end of February or very early March.

Where can you buy one? Burano is a CineAlta camera and can only be purchased from approved dealers. To be a CineAlta dealer you must be able to provide the expertise and support expected for a camera of this level. As a result the number of dealers that can sell it is smaller than for cameras like the FX6/FX9 etc.

If you follow this link you can locate dealers in the USA: https://pro.sony/ue_US/where-to-buy/products/digital-cinema-cameras/burano?

For other countries if you go to the Pro.Sony webpage for Burano and set the country/region to your country and then click on the “Where To Buy” button you will get a list of your local approved dealers. https://pro.sony/products/digital-cinema-cameras/burano