This post is by Grant Vance from No Film School

It’s hard to skip the obligatory triplet of pretties popularized by one of the most respected comedy writers of our generation, but I’m not here to lean into cliches. I’m trying really, really, realllyyyyy hard not to take a cheap shot for an easy connection.

With the (potentially final) return of Larry David’s groundbreaking masterpiece, it seems like no better time to share one of my favorite interviews he did with The New Yorker on writing comedy circa 2014. We love to share as much as we can to help our readership write the most goodest possible. This one is for you, comedy writers.

David also recently revealed his favorite episode is “Palestinian Chicken” to Variety, which he uses as a point of reference in his interview below.

Enjoy! And please tell us what you thought of the Season 12 premiere in the comments. We’re prettyyyy, veryyyyyy, reallyyyyyyyyyyy interested.

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