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After Effects Roundup March 2024 (1) 5See After Effects Roundup February 2024 for a slew of 3D features added to the main app a few weeks ago.

After Effects product manager Victoria Nece notes that Version 24.4.0×13 of After Effects Beta introduces support for embedded animation in 3D models: “When you add GLB or glTF files with embedded animation to your timeline, you’ll see a new Animation Options menu where you can select an included animation to play back.” She also says that GLB and glTF models can include embedded animated cameras and lights, so with these features combined it’s now possible to import many 3D scenes from other 3D applications as a single file and convert their contents to native After Effects layers. Be sure to check your GPU compatibility with the Advanced 3D renderer.

After Effects Roundup March 2024 (1) 6


Victoria also noted two good recent tutorials to help you dive into AE 3D: From Flat to Fabulous: Turning 2D Images into 3D Models by Eran Stern and Creating animated models with Mixamo + Blender and importing in AE Beta from Learn Mograph.


SternFX also posted Illustrator to After Effects: 3D Model Animation Workflow, creating an animated poster for the movie They Live.



Max Novak introduced 3D scannning with a phone and Polycam in his Ultimate Guide to INSANE 3D Scan Effects ! (Blender & After Effects). Meanwhile RobikFX showed a 3D Scan Effect In After Effects with Element 3D from Video Copilot.
 noted Ottoman Robot’s Las Vegas Sphere X Super Bowl X Eric Haze X Beyond The Streets – Behind the Scenes. He included a demo using After Effects and also Newton 4 for physics.



Charles Yeager had a Quick Tip: Remove Yellow from Footage for Cleaner Whites on PremiumBeat. He used the Adobe Lumetri plug-in inside After Effects.



I wasn’t sure this would be interesting, but it was, despite the misspelling. MotionXP evaluated the downloadables of an AE trainer in I downloaded all of Ben Marriots Project files…I’m SHOCKED by what I learned!



As mentioned previously, CC Ball Action has been improved (with displacement, shading and coloring) with AE 24.2 update. Usually we avoid tutorials without voiceover, but Tutorials View+ has some decent examples in After Effects 24.2 New CC Ball Top View image To 3D.



flomotion shared 5 After Effects Compositing Tricks you did not know about!! Decide yourself: they are Keying, Looping, practical effects and sets, lightwrap, rim light and point motion tracking. He shows you how to ride on animals, dragons, and monsters (but not dinosaurs) with the help of a greenscreen.

After Effects Roundup March 2024 (1) 7



Motion UX shared Unlock Figma-Level Prototypes in Your After Effects UI Animations with This Secret, explaining that motion mocks in After Effects can be more realistic with a simple trick of adding in touch/tap cursors to each interaction. Unfortunately the Figma-After Effects workflow is kludgy, and the AEUX plug-in is currently unavailable (except on Github). It was originally created for Google SketchUp by the maker of Overlord. Additional options floating around seem be Convertify and Toothpaste.



Olufemii asked How Would You Use This After Effects Feature? I don’t even remember a standalone tutorial on CC Glue Gun!



Adobe Live hosts Motion Design Hotline, who today features Motion Design Hotline: Painting Over Pain Points. Evan and Kyle futz with the frame-by-frame faculties of Photoshop and After Effects, then show how to reduce the drudgery with tracking, rotoscoping, and vector techniques. An earlier companion episode explored brush techniques in Photoshop, Fresco, and After Effects: Motion Design Hotline: Paint-staking Reveals.




Motion Circles makes a pyramid by hand (ok, mouse) in Glow Up Your Animation in After Effects | 3D Spin & Time Displacement.



Adobe Video & Motion is hosting a series of shorts by Film Riot. One example is How to Stabilize Footage in Premiere Pro and After Effects | Adobe Video x @filmriot.




And now, some AI hallucinations

As usual, Matt Wolfe is excited by developments in AI News: Get Ready, The World is About to Change.



Theoretically Media covers the interesting but hyped OpenAI project in Sora Release Date Deep Dive, as well as Adobe Music and more in Big AI News from Adobe, Stability, Ideogram & More! Tim also covered feature length AI films and LTX Studio by Lightricks and, of course, more.



Curious Refuge also always has more video roundups, including This Midjourney Update is WILD + Pika’s New AI Video Feature.




Adobe’s Jason Levine now posts video hangouts on Twitter. The most recent one is Creative Kickoff | Monday AI Roundup/Review (chat, demo, chill). Adobe’s going to have to tighten focus and clarity and avoid the chit-chat podcast style to help users not drift off to the exciting developments elsewhere. As features expand in AI, price and value considerations may play a bigger role. Just in video editing, there’s a noticeable trend towards CapCut and DaVinci Resolve. See for example, Which Free Editor Should You Use? DaVinci vs. CapCut from Ben Claremont.

After Effects Roundup March 2024 (1) 8



Kevin Monahan gave a Welcome to Premiere Pro 24.2.1! And Kylee Pena added Happy Valentine’s Day! Now in Beta: Label Color Presets! [also in AE beta]. Premiere Gal has the rundown in What is new in Premiere Pro? (v24.2) 6 New Features!



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