PhotoCube PD+ aims to make physical backups of your phone photos a breeze

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Image: Photofast

Backing up your smartphone images usually involves sending them to the cloud or manually syncing them to a computer. Seamless? Maybe, until you have to start paying monthly storage fees. And while you can plug a hard drive into many modern smartphones, it isn’t quite user-friendly or universal across all smartphones.

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PhotoCube PD+, launched via Kickstarter and Indiegogo by Hong Kong electronics company Photofast, aims to make cloud-free physical backups of phone photos more straightforward.

Built for USB-C devices, the PhotoCube PD+ attaches directly to your smartphone or tablet and is compatible with both iOS and Android. It accepts microSD cards with up to 2TB of storage space, and you can interchange your cards if needed.

Supporting SD cards up to 2TB in size, the PhotoCube PD+ can be configured to automatically back up photos when plugged in, as well as additional data like contacts, without the need for additional cables.

An obvious downside is that the device won’t work with iPhones older than the iPhone 15 or any other device that doesn’t have a USB-C port. Android users shouldn’t have an issue using the portable device, even with slightly older handsets.

While there’s no monthly fee, PhotoCube PD+ obviously costs money upfront. Also, PhotoCube PD+ doesn’t come with built-in storage or a card included, so prepare to bring your own.

The device is currently available for preorder, with two devices at an early bird price of $115 (USD) through Indiegogo with an estimated ship date of August 2024. As with all crowdfunded campaigns (and preorders in general), caveats apply. Crowdfunded products are no stranger to delays or quality control issues. The company’s previous model eventually came to Amazon. Presumably, this one will too. Whether it’s worth the gamble to get an early bird discount is up to you.

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