Adds Enhanced Security and Fujifilm X100VI In-Camera Integration

This post is by Sunny Shrestha from No Film School

Since being acquired by Adobe back in 2021, has continued to pave its own path forward as a leader not just as an upload, review, and share media platform, but also with some bold strides in camera-to-cloud technology as it prepares for the future of film and video technology.

This latest update is a nice reminder though that is focused on improving itself and improving the workflows of the modern video professional with new functionalities, securities, and upgrades for some of the most popular cameras hitting the market—like the oddly, highly popular Fujifilm X100VI.

Let’s take a look at everything new coming to with this latest update. 2024 Update

This notification is the only visible indication of Forensic Watermarking.

So, as mentioned above, as has shifted towards becoming a leader in C2C technology, at least one of these newest updates is centered on improving this offering, most notably by adding the Fujifilm X100VI as the next in-camera C2C compatible camera to its lineup.

This is great news for the huge number of Fujifilm X100VI fans who are so keen on getting started with this camera that they’re reportedly crashing the Fujifilm website trying to get in pre-orders, as well as even faking owning one. is also adding some new and enhanced security features (which we’ll cover a bit more below), as well as support for Microsoft Office files, which should be a nice addition for those who work with those workflows instead of Google Docs and Sheets.

Enhanced Security with Forensic Watermarking

The new FUJIFILM X100VI with in-camera integration for C2C

Perhaps the most interesting news here though is this new forensic watermarking feature being added to with this latest update. Of course, there were already some built-in security tools and protocols in like 2FA, Digital Rights Management encryption, and visible Watermark IDs, but this new forensic watermarking feature is a different beast.

This new tool will make it much easier to place invisible watermarks in your videos that will be so ingrained that they’ll be able to survive copying, screen recordings, or external recordings of your footage. This advanced technology should be able to fully ensure that your footage is 100% protected no matter where it is viewed, shared, or even edited later.

This new forensic watermarking should also work with every video format currently supported by, and you’ll be able to activate a unique Watermark ID directly in your account, which will set you up with’s partner NAGRA to create a detailed report of any breaches or unwanted shares.

How to Download

As with the majority of the updates and upgrades that have come to over the years, this new update is out now and available for free for all existing customers. Of course, if you aren’t currently using, you can try it for free for up to two users with limited storage, or you can check out the plans that start at $15 a month.

To download the update, and get more info about it in general, you can read’s full blog post here.