Got Talent? What Scouts & Managers Are REALLY Looking For | Hughes Norton

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In this episode, Hughes Norton shares his journey as a super-agent in the world of professional golf. Known for his instrumental role in managing giants of the sport such as Tiger Woods and Greg Norman, Hughes Norton’s career is the very definition of a rainmaker. From his early days at Harvard Business School through his time at the forefront of the sports management industry, Hughes offers an insider’s perspective on the evolution and explosion of golf from the Tiger Woods era to the present. Some highlights we explore: How Norton’s passion for golf and his background in law led him on an unexpected path to becoming a pioneer in sports management. A look into his professional relationship with Tiger Woods and the role he played in Woods’ stunning rise to fame. The transformation of professional golf and the role of television and celebrity endorsements. Norton’s reflections on the ethical and moral choices he faced in his career and the personal costs of his success. His insights on the importance of work ethic, passion for the game, and the dangers of complacency in the face of success. Enjoy! FOLLOW HUGHES: website Listen to the Podcast Subscribe  

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