Hollyland to show new Tally system at NAB 2024

This post is by Jose Antunes from ProVideo Coalition

Hollyland to show new Tally system at NAB 2024Capable of stable communication over a line-of-sight distance of 800 m, the new Tally system from Hollyland is compatible with video switchers from different brands.

Hollyland is gearing up to participate in the upcoming NAB 2024 show, and the company will be at booth C6710 to show the new Tally system as well as other products from its lineup, with highlights as the LARK M2, a new top-level consumer-grade wireless lavalier microphone, or the Mars M1 Enhanced: announced as the all-in-one solution for transmitting, receiving, and monitoring!

Also debuting at NAB 2024, the new Tally system for broadcast production announced by Hollyland at the end of March simplifies the process for on-air talent to engage with the live camera during multi-camera broadcasts or recordings. Positioned above each camera, lights are linked to a tally light manager box, which is subsequently connected to your video switcher. When a camera is live, its corresponding light illuminates.

The new Wireless Tally System, capable of stable communication over a line-of-sight distance of 800 m, offers multiple port options, including DB25, RJ45, and USB-C, to support the connection to various switchers. Hollyland adds that it “is directly compatible with select BMD, Sony, Roland, Datavideo, Panasonic, vMix and DeviceWell video switchers.”

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127733 – HL-TALLY-8L

Single battery provides over 8 hours of use

Through the Sequence Learning function, connection to other switchers that outputs voltage-level signals is possible. A single battery provides a life of over 8 hours, surpassing the working duration requirements for most usage scenarios. Even if the Tally device runs low on battery during operation, you can immediately replace it to ensure uninterrupted usage. The batteries are compatible with Hollyland’s wireless intercom systems, Solidcom C1 and Solidcom C1 Pro. The system uses adaptive frequency hopping, so, you don’t risk interference or interruption of your broadcast.

The wireless Tally box supports up to 16 channels. This allows for easy expansion or reduction in the number of Tally lights to accommodate projects of varying scales or complexities. The new Tally systems are available from this April. The Hollyland Wireless Tally System (8 Tally Lights) has a suggested retail price of $999.00, and there is also an optional 4 Tally lights set.