Nikon and RED are rumored to be working on a new smartphone (ReKon?)

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Many of you probably remember the RED Hydrogen One smartphone from 2019:

RED Hydrogen One smartphone prototype hands-on

RED was also working on a pro camera version of the Hydrogen One smartphone:

RED is working on a “pro camera version” of the Hydrogen One smartphone

At that time RED partnered with Leica, but two years later the project was killed:

Red partners with Leia to bring lightfield holographic smartphone to the consumer market

After the news about Nikon acquiring RED, I received some new rumors that Nikon wants to revive the Hydrogen One smartphone project. Here is what to expect:

  • 50 MP camera sensor capable of full 8K video in ProRes Raw 16 bit, with pixel staking for stills up to 100 MP.
  • The phone is rumored to have the capability of sending real-time video and pictures over a live upgraded 6G cellular network or via satellite in real-time.
  • With an internal storage of 2 TB and 16 GB of RAM, it will enable journalists to fast edit media-ready photos or small broadcast clips.
  • Information leaked indicates this phone will also have capabilities of IPTC still and video metadata stored to each file making it a “go-to” device for journalists and videographers on the move.
  • The phone has been designed to have full satellite up-link capability for its high-end versions.
  • Unconfirmed (project?) name: ReKon (from RED+Nikon).

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