‍The Case for Digital Humans: a key AI panel at NAB 2024

This post is by Jose Antunes from ProVideo Coalition

‍The Case for Digital Humans: a key AI panel at NAB 2024Industry experts will discuss at NAB 2024 the current and future impact of digital humans on the future of entertainment and media. ‍Will Driscoll, co-founder and CEO of Wild Capture, will join the panel.

Wild Capture, developers of digital human technologies, announces the company will be at the 2024 NAB Show, the preeminent conference and exhibition driving the evolution of broadcast, media, and entertainment, taking place April 13-17, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, for a  session titled “The Case for Digital Humans”, which will examine the current and future impact of digital humans on the future of entertainment and media.

‍The Case for Digital Humans: a key AI panel at NAB 2024

Will Driscoll, from Wild Capture, and Fay Wells, Head of Partner Marketing at Soul Machines, will share insights on new technological advancements, revenue streams, and the market value that has made digital humans a viable asset for storytellers across various platforms for media, sports, fashion, gaming, virtual production environments, and new immersive experiences, an how their powerful connection with Gen Z will build new audience demographics for any content property. The panel is moderated by Jeff Taylor, Senior Global Brand Partnerships, TechCrunch.

Through a combination of cutting-edge conversational AI (supported by specific GPU features) and new creation platforms, digital humans are revolutionizing the way stories are told and experiences are created by enabling the emergence of new platforms.

Driscoll emphasizes the surge in demand for footage-based, recognizable digital human assets that are tangible for use in spatial media, centered on the integration of gaming and cinematic engines.‍

“NAB is the prime venue for exchanging ideas about emerging technologies and tools. I’m excited to engage in conversation to showcase how Wild Capture is accelerating innovation in storytelling and addressing the demand for digital human realism by leveraging volumetric video methodologies to capture real individuals’ authentic body ergonomics from every angle. The digital human ecosystem is growing, and creators like us are building the tools to give everyone access.” says Driscoll. ‍

Driscoll has a rich background in volumetric video production and is a leading figure in digital human technology. Throughout his career, he has worked in both technical and creative roles and has made significant contributions to the industry, including as a technical director at Intel Studios | Sports, for which he was awarded the Lumiere Award for his work on ‘Enter the Tomb: Tutankhamun.’‍

‍The Case for Digital Humans: a key AI panel at NAB 2024The Wild Capture Digital Human Platform‍

In 2022, Wild Capture launched its award-winning Digital Human Platform, a disruptive, cloud-based, volumetric video suite. Powered by Wild Capture’s core conforming technology, Unify Solver, and its pioneering use of AI, the Digital Human Platform is a streamlined set of tools that map spatial data onto holographic inputs, utilizing industry-standard practices to deliver interoperable, lifelike digital human assets with unmatched realism and accuracy. The pioneering platform incorporates Universal Scene Description (USD) to provide media and entertainment professionals, digital content producers, and volumetric capture studios with an efficient workflow for creating digital crowd and fashion assets with unprecedented realism in their interaction with the CGI world around them.

Among the recent projects that have relied on Wild Capture’s digital human technologies and enabled software services include the forthcoming Francis Ford Coppola film, Megalopolis.‍

‍The Case for Digital Humans: a key AI panel at NAB 2024Commitment to Digital Human Rights Management

‍Wild Capture is committed to offering a trustworthy digital rights management (DRM) system that allows creators who lend their likeness for content creation to control the tracking and monetization of their performance assets. Wild Capture joined HAND (Human & Digital) beta Talent Registry program in November 2023.  The program enhances efficient discoverability, royalty collection, and revenue tracking of notable real and virtual humans.

The HAND framework assigns standardization and transparency for the reliable verification of noteworthy legal persons and their licensable virtual counterparts (or ‘digital twins’) in an emerging digital landscape. As a HAND beta partner, Wild Capture has access to an advanced API and Web UI of the HAND Talent ID registry database. Integration into Wild Capture’s Unify Solver core middleware technology within the DHP assigns talent an interoperable, persistent ID at the time of capture — similar in nature to a global barcode — based on standards and protocols managed by the registration authority of the DOI Foundation. (Note: The DOI Foundation, founded in 1997, manages 1.3 billion unique ID resolutions per month across 12 global registration agencies.)

Founded in January 2022, NYC-based HAND (Human & Digital) is the first human Talent ID Registry under the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Foundation (an ISO standard). Using the power of Citation-Backed Notability – HAND provides provenance automation value to global supply chains via the instantiation of persistent, unique, resolvable IDs for legal-entity Humans, Virtual Humans, and Fictional Characters in Performing Arts and Sports.

‍‍Will Driscoll is available for one-on-one press briefings at the NAB Show to discuss the latest trends in spatial media and the digital human technology ecosystem. During these briefings, he can share more specifically how Wild Capture‘s enabled production services and technology innovation can be leveraged to deliver high-quality digital human content for film, TV, or branded content.

  • ‍“The Case for Digital Humans” – NAB 2024
  • Date: Wednesday, April 17 | 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM PT
  • Location: West Hall |  W2149 Capitalize Zone Theater