2024 Release for Canon EOS R1 Flagship Camera

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Canon have confirmed today that the long-rumoured EOS R1 flagship full-frame mirrorless camera is currently in development and will be launched in 2024.

Aimed predominantly at sports and news photographers and videographers, Canon claim that the EOS R1 will deliver much better stills and video performance than the EOS R3 model thanks to a new CMOS sensor and the implementation of dual processors.

For the very first time, the Canon R1 will feature the brand new DIGIC Accelerator image processor alongside the pre-existing DIGIC X processor.

This will enable the camera to quickly process large volumes of data whilst providing brand new Auto Focus functions, including the “Action Priority” AF mode which can detect when a sports player is performing a specific action and automatically focus on them.

Currently being tested out in the field, the EOS R1 will also be present at international sporting events throughout this year.