iZotope announces RX 11 with machine learning for tackling noise

This post is by Jose Antunes from ProVideo Coalition

iZotope announces RX 11 with machine learning for tackling noiseThe latest version of Hollywood’s favorite toolkit for intelligent audio repair, RX 11, introduces new machine learning for tackling noise, and new tools for music streaming.

A part of Native Instruments, iZotope announced RX 11 its intelligent audio repair tool to solve unsolvable problems for audio post production, music, and content creation. The latest version of Hollywood’s favorite toolkit for intelligent audio repair features state-of-the-art machine learning technology, adds new tools and improves beloved modules to help you handle everything from common audio problems, to the trickiest of sonic rescues.

RX combines the power of visual-based spectral editing with purpose-built tools for fixing and polishing audio. With the RX Spectrogram, you can visually target specific issues like unwanted reverb, clicks, clipping, hum, and background noise with tailored repair modules. Plus, to get great results fast, the next generation of RX’s Repair Assistant intelligently recognizes and addresses specific problems, which can be adjusted with easy-to-use dials.

Here is more information about the new version, shared by iZotope:

iZotope announces RX 11 with machine learning for tackling noiseWhat’s new in iZotope RX 11?

RX 11 comes in three tiers—Elements, Standards, and Advanced. Each offers new features to help you deliver the highest-quality audio.

  • Dialogue Isolate Standard, Advanced]
    The Dialogue Isolate module has been overhauled with a new neural network and now includes Dialogue De-Reverb, allowing you to control noise and unwanted reverb in real time. Available in RX Standard for the first time, with the highest-quality mode and multi-band processing reserved for RX Advanced.
  • Loudness Optimize Standard, Advanced]
    Get the most out of your masters with the new Loudness Optimize module, an unprecedented approach for controlling the LUFS algorithm to maximize your music’s perceived loudness for streaming platforms. A smart Learn function analyzes every opportunity to optimize your song to sound its loudest and best.
  • Streaming Preview Standard, Advanced]
    The new Streaming Preview module lets you hear how different services like Spotify, Apple Music, etc, will adjust your music, so there are no surprises after release.
  • Music Rebalance Standard, Advanced]
    A new, cutting-edge neural network allows you to easily create instrumentals and vocal stems from a full mix, prep for a remix, or make changes when you don’t have access to the stems.
  • Repair Assistant Elements, Standard, Advanced]
    The next generation of Repair Assistant includes upgraded machine learning for improved quality and speed, and additional controls for more flexibility.
  • Mid/Side mode Standard, Advanced]
    Visualize and manipulate the center and side components of your audio in the RX app, so you can apply processing from any module to the center and side components of audio, separately. This opens up greater flexibility for repair tasks, making it possible to address issues only present in the mid channel or just the sides individually.
  • Dialogue Contour Advanced only]
    The new Formant and Variation controls let you adjust the character and expressivity of a voice, ensuring your dialogue edits are delivered seamlessly, no matter how many takes are stitched together.
  • Spectral Editor ARA Standard, Advanced]
    Use the spectrogram to find and fix issues without ever leaving your DAW. Spectral Editor now includes Gain, De-click, and De-hum processing, along with Spectral Repair. Currently available for Apple Logic Pro (in Rosetta mode) with additional host support coming in a free update this summer.
  • Audio Devices Refresh Standard, Advanced]
    Quickly refresh audio devices in Preferences, without restarting the RX app.
  • Multi-seat enterprise licensing
    RX 11 Advanced and Post Production Suite 8 are now available with multi-seat enterprise licensing and deployment options for 10 licenses. Take advantage of dynamic licensing via iLok Server, and optional annual pricing models. For more information, contact enterprise@native-instruments.com.

iZotope announces RX 11 with machine learning for tackling noisePricing and availability

RX 11 is available from the iZotope shop and select retailers.

RX 11 Elements – $99 USD, with $49 introductory pricing

RX 11 Standard – $399 USD, with $299 introductory pricing

RX 11 Advanced – $1199 USD, with $799 introductory pricing Post Production Suite 8 – $1799 USD, with $999 introductory pricing

Introductory pricing is available through June 13, 2024. iZotope customers may be eligible for additional loyalty discounts. Details can be found in My Loyalty Offers at www.izotope.com.  Get all the details about the new product at www.izotope.com/rx.