Streamline Your Monitor Workflows with SmallHD’s PageOS 6 Update

This post is by Sunny Shrestha from No Film School

As an update to their previous PageOS 5 system, SmallHD is finally set to roll out a major update that is set to improve all of your SmallHD monitors. This PageOS 6 update promises to bring new features and a more streamlined interface to help users access a one-of-a-kind software experience.

PageOS 6 will add new, powerful tools, open a more streamlined workflow, and provide unprecedented creative control over your SmallHD monitors.

Also, we should mention that it’s free. So, if you’re a current (or perhaps future) SmallHD monitor user, you should definitely check out this update and see how it could improve your monitor experience and workflows.

SmallHD PageOS 6

\u200bPageOS 6 Update

This PageOS update, the first in over two years, seems to be pretty much focused on making the already streamlined SmallHD monitoring workflow even more seamless than before. Touted by SmallHD as “the first and only monitoring solution of its kind,” this update will provide an advanced page-based software toolset that should give users a much more intuitive UI/UX experience.

Users of PageOS 6 will be able to have even fuller control over color, exposure, camera, LUTs, and so much more. Plus, even more access to industry-first integrated tools and new navigation features. One of the main new features is a new Fleet Control App which will grant users the ability to control multiple monitors at once to instantly match settings like LUTs, Color Pipes, and other tools.

PageOS 6 will also introduce a revamped Color Pipe interface as well which will offer more instant at-a-glance information to help users increase visibility and speed up their workflows with additional add-ons like Pomfort Livegrade integration which will give users the ability to apply preloaded 3D LUTS into Color Pipe.

Beta Coming Soon

So, good news and bad news for those looking to add PageOS 6 to their SmallHD monitors and workflows today. The good news is that PageOS 6 will be free to download for all current SmallHD monitors. However, the bad news is that the update is still yet to be released as a beta version, although it’s available to sign up for now—which you can do here.