Too Soon Alt, Too Late Schmardt (OT)

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Tannoy Gold 7

The title above was the apophthegm on a needlepoint panel on a wicker handbag I saw, from the sidewalk, in a shop window in Harbor Springs, Michigan, in the 1980s. I was young then, but now that I’m alt (the German word for “old”), I can testify.

Anyway, someone asked if I am going to be writing about audio and stereo in the future. Here’s the lowdown: a couple of years ago I took a sort of mental survey of a lot of the stereo gear I bought over the years, and came (finally, at long long last) to a sensible conclusion: stop. Just stop. Never buy another piece of hi-fi gear ever again.

I love music, and I listen every day, or close enough, and it’s true that I can put my finger on some standout values among all the audio gear I’ve spent money on over the years, and there have been a few items I’ve bought that I actually liked. But for the most part, audiophilia for me has been like opening a vein in my meager bank accounts and just letting it bleed and bleed. Mostly, it has served the overriding purpose of turning money into nothing (apologies to Dire Straits).

I’m quite happy with my current desktop speakers (I prefer to refer to them as “nearfield monitors”), which I got for free and had been listening to for a dozen years. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have to tie myself to the mast reading about the Tannoy Gold 7, but I didn’t say my resolve was perfect.

I have a very bulldoggish tendency to stick with things that aren’t working. I keep trying even when failure is tested and true. Persistence gets good press, but I suspect it’s just as important to “cast a cold eye” and, when things are not working, move on. (Others may reach different conclusions, for themselves. To each their own fate.)


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Michael: “In my 77 years, my grandmother was the only other person I have ever heard use the German phrase (auf Deutsch) that you chose to title this article. She and my grandfather were both of strong German heritage. Last name…Aufrecht. Both born in late 1800s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, of German immigrants; moved to Chicago in the early 1900s, met, married, and the rest is family history. They definitely genetically contributed to what would become a scholastic major throughout my high school and college days. Ja, ich kann Deutsch sprechen und lesen. ‘Wir werden zu fruh alt und zu spat klug.’ I now use the phrase you used in the title, in English, in appropriate situations.  :-)  . Auf Wiedersehen, MK.”


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