Behold, the NFINIBAR PB6 4-Light Kit Illuminates Your Future

This post is by Jason Hellerman from No Film School

Aputure has expanded its acclaimed INFINIBAR family with the introduction of the INFINIBAR PB6 4-Light Kit, a compact and versatile lighting system designed for filmmakers and content creators.

This kit features four INFINIBAR PB6 LED pixel bars, each equipped with 48 pixels, delivering a rich spectrum of colors and dynamic lighting effects. The unique end-to-end connection design allows for seamless expansion of the light source, creating extended illumination without visible gaps.

Let’s dive into it below.

The  INFINIBAR PB6 4-Light Kit Is Awesome

Aputure has expanded their popular INFINIBAR line with the introduction of compact, travel-friendly 2- and 4-foot kits, ideal for individual creators and smaller production teams. These new kits offer a much lighter alternative to the original 8-Light Kits.

Key features:

  • Portability: Each kit comes in a durable rolling hard case for easy transport.
  • Complete Accessories: Kits include essential items like DC male-to-male power cables and light control grids for versatile setup and control.
  • Enhanced Power: A 330W Power Adapter is included, allowing for simultaneous charging of all fixtures.

Aputure has also unveiled a range of new INFINIBAR accessories, such as Passive Connectors, a Collapsible Tripod Base, a Battery Power Station, a Tilting Mounting Bracket, and a 330W Power Adapter Kit, further expanding the creative possibilities for users.

Tech Specs:

  • 4-Light Kit of 2ft (60cm) 14W RGBWW Full Color LED Pixel Bars
  • 48 Individual Pixels (Lighting Zones)
  • Infinite Blending Design to Reduce Visible Gaps When Connecting Multiple Lights
  • All New Protective Hard Case Design for Easy Transportation
  • Approx. 100 Min Battery Life at Max Output (29.6Wh)

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