Key or Fill Your Set with Profoto’s Compact and Versatile New Cinema Light

This post is by Sunny Shrestha from No Film School

A well-known name in the photography lighting world perhaps, Profoto, a company based out of Sweden, is looking to finally make its move into the film and video profession. Profoto has just released their first ever cinema light—the L1600D Mono-LED—which promises to be a compact, versatile, and powerful LED COB light designed for video professionals looking to light their high-end cinema productions.

Let’s take a look at this new fixed 5700K LED and explore how it could be a great option either as a key or a fill on your sets.

Introducing the Profoto L1600D Mono-LED

Introduced as the brand’s first-ever LED fixture truly designed for film and video pros, this L1600D Daylight Mono-LED Light is focused on speed of use and superior light quality with an all-in-one IP54 body. The Profoto brand has been well-known for its strobe lights in the past, so it’s cool to see the company use its R&D to develop such a sophisticated LED for the cinema world.

Users will be able to experience the purest of light with 5700K CCT, multiple control methods, and dual mounting options for the most extensive array of Profoto and Bowens modifiers. The unit’s ergonomic design with no separate ballast and included swivel yoke translates into a huge time-saving solution and more freedom on set. Its power, size, and weight are all worthwhile attributes for any professional lighting setup needing reliable, speedy operation.

An All-in-One Mono-LED

Profoto L1600D Mono-LED

Some of the advantages of this new L1600D are brought on by having the advantages and conveniences of a powerful continuous light source. Designed specifically for high-end video productions, this 1600W point-source LED fixture will give you accurate colors, and most importantly, exceptional flicker-free brightness at any frame rate.

The L1600D also features a patent-pending HydroCTech cooling system that handles heat from the LED and its power electronics, ensuring longevity and silent operation. You can tell Profoto has considered every aspect of this light as they’ve been able to present it as the compact yet powerful LED solution that studios have been waiting for.

Also, according to Profoto, 97% of its electric input creates light output, which is at least 20% more efficient if compared to similar fixtures with an individual ballast and light head. This isa pretty great output when you consider that the L1600D outputs up to 3850 lux with its built-in 60° wide reflector, expanding to an impressive 49,000 lux using the included 12° boost reflector, both within a considerable distance of 16.4′.

Price and Availability

The Protofo L1600D is available to pre-order now with shipments expedited to begin later in the fall of 2024. Here are the full specs and purchase options.

  • For Studio & Film/TV Production
  • 49,000 Lux at 16.4′ w/ Boost Reflector
  • 5700K CCT
  • AC Power
  • Onboard, Wireless, DMX & App Control
  • LumenRadio CRMX
  • CRI 97 | TLCI 97
  • HydroCTech Liquid Cooling System
  • Dual Profoto & Bowens S Accessory Mount
  • IP54 Rated

Profoto L1600D Daylight Mono-LED Light

Profoto is proud to introduce its first-ever LED fixture for filmmakers, the L1600D Daylight Mono-LED Light. Combining efficiency and advanced features, the L1600D is focused on speed of use and superior light quality with an all-in-one IP54 body.