New Luminar Mobile app for iPhone is now available (20% off coupon code included)

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The new Luminar mobile app for iPhone is now available for download. You can get 20% off with code MOBILE20. Here are some of the features:

  • SkyAI: Seamlessly replace dull skies with brilliant ones for impressive backdrops
  • EnhanceAI: Effortlessly enhance photo quality with a single slide, adjusting color, tone and clarity for professional results in seconds
  • StructureAI: Unlock hidden details and clarity in your images, enhancing contrast and texture for striking visual impact
  • RelightAI: Take full control over exposure and light sources, dynamically adjusting lighting conditions to suit your artistic vision
  • SkinAI: Automatically retouch the skin of a subject and remove imperfections for a clean and smooth result
  • BodyAI: Shape a subject’s midsection in a realistic way by adding or removing volume
  • Curves: Edit photos with precise color and tone adjustments, achieving the perfect balance and mood
  • Details: Enhance every detail with just a tap, bringing your images to life with clarity and sharpness
  • Crop: Easily trim, align, flip and rotate for the perfect composition, ensuring your images stand out
  • Landscape: Transform your landscapes with ease and enhance golden hour lighting, brighten foliage, or remove haze for breathtaking results
  • Monochrome: Convert your color photos to stunning black and white masterpieces, adding depth and mood to your images
  • Erase: Effortlessly remove distracting elements from your photos to place focus on your subjects
  • Photo Filters: Enjoy a diverse collection of photo effects that add a unique style to your shots
  • RAW File Support: Edit your RAW photos directly on your mobile, preserving maximum image quality and flexibility in post-processing

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