3D Print Your Own Camera Accessories for the Sony BURANO

This post is by Sunny Shrestha from No Film School

If you follow the headlines, you might think that 3D printing isn’t nearly as popular as it once was. However, despite many tech news outlets turning their attention away from 3D printing and towards AI, it doesn’t mean that 3D printing still isn’t very cool—and very much a thing.

This is why it’s cool to see a company like MID49 offer film and video pros the ability to add accessories to the new Sony BURANO cinema camera either by purchasing these add-ons from them directly or by downloading 3D digital files for free to print yourself.

Let’s look at these helpful 3D-printable monitor covers and EVF loupe plug accessories and how they could upgrade your Sony BURANO workflow.

The MID49 Sony BURANO Accessories

\u200bMID49 monitor cover

As mentioned above, MID49 designed two helpful add-ons for the Sony BURANO cinema camera, which has quickly become one of the more popular camera options for both high-end solo shooters and small to large production teams.

The MID49 monitor cover is a flexible cover designed to easily attach to the BURANO’s OLED panel to help protect it from the elements and any loose elements during production. MID49 is also offering an EVF loupe plug which can act as a dust cover for the BURANO’s viewing loupe when it’s not in use.

Both of these accessories, while perhaps a bit minor, are necessary if you’re truly looking to modify your BURANO to be as reliable, and easy-to-use, as possible.

Price and Availability

\u200bMID49 EVF loupe plug

So what’s cool here is that while both of these accessories are available to purchase from MID49 online (for just $15 for the EVF loupe plug and $25 for the monitor cover), the company is also making the 3D files for both products available for free so that shooters can print them on their own.

You can find out more about either purchasing or downloading and printing these BURANO accessories on MID49’s website here.