Connect Pro: one cable to charge all your devices

This post is by Jose Antunes from ProVideo Coalition

 Connect Pro: one cable to charge all your devicesIt’s the world’s first magnetic cable featuring a built-in power reader which supports both 100W USB-C PD and 27W Apple Fast Charge. It’s the Connect Pro, now on Kickstarter!

We don’t cover many Kickstarter campaigns these days, as experience shows many projects never get to reach their goal, but it’s hard to not notice the crowdfunding campaign for Connect Pro, announced as “the world’s first magnetic cable for charging electronic devices”, which comes from Chargeasap, known for its incredibly successful crowdfunding campaigns which have raised more than $8.7M over its eleven campaigns.

The Connect Pro project, which is the company’s 12th crowdfunding campaign, was launched on 25th June and raised over $55,000 and fully funded in less than 24 hours, a clear indication that there is a lot of interest for a cable like the one the company announced. The campaign had a $10,000 goal – which was covered in the first hour – and is now, as I write this piece of news, more than $110,000… and the campaign still has more than 50 days before it ends.

Backers get two options to choose from, with up to 69% off the Connect Pro with Super Early Bird and Early Bird rewards from an RRP of $19. Each cable set includes a 1.2m cable and a preferred tip, with color options in black and gunmetal.

 Connect Pro: one cable to charge all your devicesSay goodbye to cable clutter

In this tech-centric world, everyone is constantly relying on multiple smart devices whether working remotely, traveling, or just on the go. Keeping everything charged can be hard work and carrying round a tangled mess of cables is no fun either. If you’re tired of having to keep a whole collection of cables to charge different devices, then the Connect Pro is for you. With it you can charge all your USB devices. Can you imagine just needing one cable for all of them! And, a magnetic cable, to make it easier to use.  The Connect Pro is designed to work with all three major USB types: USB-C, Apple Lightning, and Micro USB which puts it into a league of its own.

Once the compatible tips are inserted into the devices, it becomes a universal USB cable compatible with any modern USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, USB-C PD devices including laptops, cameras, GoPros, speakers, headphones, Nintendo Switches, microphones and even drones to name but a few. Say goodbye to cable clutter and hello to simplicity with one cable for all charging needs!

Connect Pro is the first magnetic cable that supports both 100W USB-C PD and 27W Apple Fast Charge. It also features a built-in power reader with a sleek LED screen, so you can ensure your devices charge at maximum speed. With interchangeable tips, this single cable is capable of charging all your devices. It’s the ideal cable for regular travelers and anyone with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

 Connect Pro: one cable to charge all your devicesCable overcomes Apple chip restrictions

With 100W Power Delivery 3.0 PPS, this magnetic cable can fast charge your laptop, perfect for devices such as the MacBook Pro 16″, Chargeasap claims, saying that “the Connect Pro cable matches the maximum charging speed of the original Apple USB-C cable” and adding that “Connect Pro is the world’s first magnetic cable to fully support 27W Apple Fast charging for Lightning devices like the iPhone 14 series and earlier models.”

Chargeasap says that the company has overcome Apple chip restrictions, allowing users to charge their iPhone at maximum speed, reducing the iPhone 14 Pro Max charging time from empty to full in just about 1 hour and 30 minutes. This achievement marks, says the company, “a significant milestone that earlier magnetic cables couldn’t achieve. We’re proud to lead as the first magnetic cable capable of supporting both Apple iPhone 14 and 15 max charging speeds.”

Connect Pro facilitates two-way full-speed USB 2.0 data transfer, clocking in at 480 Mbps, between any USB devices. As is the case with all Chargeasap’s magnetic cables, the Connect Pro comes with a fifteen-year guarantee so users can be fully confident it will last the test of time. Find more about the product and the whole project visiting the Kickstarter campaign page.