Keep Your Cameras Cool This Summer with These Snap-On Cooling Systems

This post is by Sunny Shrestha from No Film School

As the world heats up, these long, hot summer days are getting harder to keep film and video gear cool and useable. And while there are plenty of practical tips you can try to keep both your gear and yourself from overheating on outdoor summer day shoots which we’d recommend, there are also some technical add-ons that can give you a cool boost as well.

Let’s look at these helpful new cooling systems designed by SmallRig for your Canon, Sony, and Fujifilm cameras. Powered by USB-C and featuring a heatsink and a fan, these snap-on cooling systems can be a great tool to help keep your gear from overheating and let you shoot for longer.

SmallRig Cooling Systems

\u200bSmallRig Camera Cooling System

Featuring a small and lightweight design made out of aluminum and plastic, these snap-on cooling systems from SmallRig are indeed both quite clever and helpful. With a small (2.75 x 1.96 x 0.78in) size, these cooling systems can be snapped on with eight mounting brackets.

The units are powered by a USB-C input which you’ll find on the back of the unit. You can also check the temperature with a display as well as provide an air intake and outlet. According to SmallRig, these units can help shooters gain several more minutes of shooting with overheating cameras, as well as provide a cooling degree with a low noise level of just under 40 decibels.

Price and Compatibility

\u200bSmallRig cooling system on camera

As mentioned above, these SmallRig cooling units are compatible with Canon, Sony, and Fujifilm cameras and can work with the following models:

  • Canon EOS 70D, R5, R6, R7, R8, R10, RP, and R50
  • Sony ZV-E10, ZV-1, ZV-E1, a7 IV, a7S III, a7C II, a7C, a6700, FX3, and FX30
  • FUJIFILM X-T4 and X-S10

These SmallRig cooling systems are out and available now for $49.99 on SmallRig’s website, which you can check out here.