Kevin Smith Encourages Us to Be Nice to Movies, Please

This post is by Grant Vance from No Film School

Say what you will about Kevin Smith, he seems like a genuinely nice, cool guy and is a certified trailblazer for indie filmmakers everywhere with the likes of Clerks and many other View Askew productions we all grew up loving. Heck, we even did a full-on piece on Dogma not so long ago. I know I look up to him quite a bit.

For any unaware, Smith suffered a massive heart attack in 2018 that lead into some unresolved mental health issues for years following. Luckily our independent comedy hero seems to be pretty well recovered six years later, and is back in action working on his next feature, The 4:30 Movie. He’s also back to hitting the podcast circuit like the good ol’ days.

Most recently he stopped by the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast with a positive thought on movies that I truly subscribe to and adore him spreading. Check it below.

Be Nice to Movies <3 

As you can see (shared by horror maestro and Dr. Strange director himself, Scott Derrickson), Smith is speaking to a very positive and refreshing place as a movie fan. Although I’ve seen some criticisms in the thread from the tweet above that he’s dismissing the importance of film criticism, Scott Deririckson and I both agree we don’t think that’s the case.

See, sometimes, we focus on the negatives too much in life. This goes far beyond movie fandom, but it can be a particularly toxic space when someone doesn’t mesh with something and wants to convince you how bad it is. I’ve always held onto the philosophy that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but using the discourse of “this is bad” or being overly negative for the sake of being negative makes it less fun to talk about movies.

In a tight-net community of film lovers—or outwardly to casual moviegoers alike—the more positive we are about movies, the more we’ll talk about movies and be open to watching and exploring new movies. As Mr. Kevin Smith himself puts it, “I will spend hours telling you what I love. That’s a better use of my time.”

Preach, brother.

Don’t think you should be nice to movies? Let us know, but one rule… you have to be nice.