Mitakon Speedmaster 80mm f/1.6 for GFX and XCD mounts

This post is by Jose Antunes from ProVideo Coalition

Mitakon Speedmaster 80mm f/1.6 for GFX and XCD mountsAvailable at, ZY Optics says ”at an exceptional price of just USD 599”, the Mitakon Speedmaster 80mm f/1.6 is designed to excel in low-light conditions and provide exceptional control over depth-of-field. 

Zhongyi Optics says that Mitakon Speedmaster 80mm f/1.6  lens sets a new standard for creative control and image quality, elevating the capabilities of photographers shooting with medium format camera systems from both Fujifilm and Hasselblad. With its large f/1.6 aperture the lens allows you, ZY Optics says, “to capture stunning images even in challenging lighting situations. Whether you’re shooting in dimly lit environments or aiming for beautifully blurred backgrounds with selective focus, this lens delivers outstanding performance.”

Mitakon Speedmaster 80mm f/1.6 for GFX and XCD mountsPleasing bokeh effect

The lens features a “carefully-designed” 10 elements in 6 groups optics system. Incorporating 4 HRI (High Refractive Index) elements and 1 UD (Ultra-low dispersion) element, chromatic aberrations are, the company adds, “effectively minimized, resulting in exceptional image quality that meets the demands of medium format sensors. Every detail is rendered with clarity and accuracy, allowing you to capture the true essence of your subjects.”

With a rounded nine-blade diaphragm, the Mitakon Speedmaster 80mm f/1.6 produces, according to Zhongyi Optics, “a beautifully diffused out-of-focus rendering, creating a pleasing bokeh effect. Your subjects will stand out against a soft, dreamlike background, adding a touch of artistic allure to your photographs.”

Mitakon Speedmaster 80mm f/1.6 for GFX and XCD mounts

Built-in retractable lens hood

Durability is paramount, and the lens’s enclosure is constructed with sturdy metal materials to ensure its longevity. It is built to withstand the rigors of frequent use, allowing users to focus on your creativity without worrying about the lens’s reliability.

The Mitakon Speedmaster 80mm f/1.6 features a built-in retractable lens hood with what the company says is a “clever design” that not only prevents stray light from entering the frame and causing unwanted flares or ghosting but also saves you the inconvenience of carrying a separate lens hood.

The Mitakon Speedmaster 80mm f/1.6 Lens is available at “an exceptional price” of just USD 599. The lens is available for purchase through Zhong Yi Optics’ official webstore as well as authorized resellers.