Nanlite FC-500C: COB lighting on a moderate budget

This post is by Jose Antunes from ProVideo Coalition

Nanlite FC-500C: COB lighting on a moderate budgetUsers shouldn’t have to choose between color and high output… and that’s the reason why Nanlite introduces its new solution, the Nanlite FC-500C, where style meets color.

The new lighting solution from Nanlite makes it easier for creatives to use the light they need. The company says that “users shouldn’t have to choose between color and high output. But for COB lighting on a moderate budget, filmmakers have had to pick one or the other. With today’s introduction of the new Nanlite FC-500C at just $1099, they no longer need to.”

The FC-500C’s unique combination of features makes high-output color lighting attainable for a wide range of users, whether they be content creators, photographers or production teams. The FC-500C is, Nanlite reveals, “a high-output, full-color spotlight with a rated power of 520W. It combines the creative potential of color with the light-shaping capabilities of a point source. It easily forms a powerful tight beam when used with reflectors and lenses, or a beautiful soft source with ample output when used with a softbox or other diffusion. It also has advanced features like color modes and Green/Magenta shift for precise matching with other light sources.”

Nanlite FC-500C: COB lighting on a moderate budgetHere is some more information about the FC-500C as shared by Nanlite:

Stunning Output: White Light or Color

The FC-500C utilizes Nanlite’s high-output RGBW full-color light technology. This makes the light as efficient as possible so it can deliver remarkable output in both white light and color modes. It features a newly designed LED emitter coupled with the company’s advanced optical light-mixing technology to ensure an even beam and excellent performance.

Stylish and Lightweight

The FC-500C is a stylish, practical and lightweight addition to any set. It is designed with a distinctive contrasting gray/black body and Nanlite blue accents. The light comprises a lamp head with conveniently located integrated controls and clear display, plus a separate AC power supply. The head weighs in at just 3.91kg/8.62lb, making the FC-500C easier to transport and simple to rig on set. Users will especially appreciate the ease with which it can used on a boom arm for toplighting. No longer do users have to choose between lightweight or full-color output – with the FC-500C they can have it all.

Wide CCT Range, High Color Accuracy

The FC-500C delivers outstanding color rendering, meeting the strict color accuracy demanded today in both video production and still photography. Using Nanlite’s specially developed color mixing technology the FC-500C offers a wide color temperature range from 2700K-7500K and ±150 Green/Magenta adjustments. This enables easy fine-tuning of color output to match the time of day or different light sources as required.

  • CCT Range: 2700K-7500K
  • G/M adjustment: ±150
  • CRI: Average 95 TLCI: Average 94
  • TM-30 Rf: Average 92 TM-30 Rg: Average 100
  • SSI 3200K: 84 5600K: 71

Multiple Modes for Efficient Operations

The FC-500C has five built-in lighting modes, offering almost limitless possibilities for lighting. All modes can be easily controlled through the intuitive user interface on the head, or via the NANLINK app. Users can effortlessly achieve the perfect lighting for their shoots by quickly adjusting color and effects at will.

CCT Mode: The color temperature and Green/Magenta value can be accurately adjusted to reproduce various lighting effects or create different looks.

HSI Mode: The hue, saturation and intensity of light can be quickly adjusted to choose from any one of 36,000 colors.

RGBW Mode: This offers individual control of red(R), green(G), blue(B), and white(W) intensity, enabling a wide range of color options.

Gel Mode: Select any one of 151 different gels. The base color temperature of the light can also be adjusted and the gel color is helpfully previewed on the light’s display screen.

Effect Mode: 15 effects are available and the parameters of each effect can be adjusted to achieve life-like lighting effects.

Multiple Control options

Adjusting and controlling the FC-500C is simple, yet highly flexible. All parameters can be accessed using the built-in control directly on the fixture body. Alternatively, the light offers both wired and wireless control options, perfect for when the lamp head is inaccessible, or control of multiple lights is required in more complex scenarios:

On-board Control: The FC-500C has an elegantly designed two-knob and two button control layout, combined with a clear display to make setup straightforward. These controls offers precise operation with 0.1% increment dimming.

FC PowerController: The FC-500C can be connected to the optional FC PowerController for wired control at up to 3m/9.84ft away from the light. The display is duplicated on the controller allowing users to quickly and accurately set options.

Wireless Remote Controller: The FC-500C features a built-in 2.4G module, enabling quick and easy remote adjustments of various settings like CCT, HSI and G/M shift via the Wireless Remote Controller.

NANLINK app control: The fully upgraded NANLINK 2.0 App delivers complete and intuitive touchscreen control for the FS-500C using a tablet or smartphone, greatly enhancing flexibility and usability.

DMX/RDM Control: For more complex lighting setups the FC-500C is engineered with a DMX port. It can be connected to a DMX console via the DMX adapter cable with a 3.5mm connector, ensuring reliable control for multiple light fixtures.

Broad Range of Accessories

The FC-500C features a standard Bowens mount and an umbrella mount to attach light-modifying accessories. This ensures comprehensive accessory compatibility, allowing users to take advantage of the powerful point light source for light shaping.

  • FL-20G Fresnel Lens
  • PJ-BM-19/36 Bowens Mount Projection Attachment with 19°/36° Lens
  • SB-PR-90/120/150-Q Parabolic Softbox 90cm/120cm/150cm (quick release)
  • LT-80/120 Lantern Softbox 80cm/120cm
  • SB-ST-140×30 Strip Softbox 140×30cm
  • SB-AS-110X45 Asymmetric Softbox 110×45cm
  • U-165DT/U-180ST Umbrella Deep Translucent 165cm/Umbrella Shallow
  • Translucent 180cm
  • U-135DS Umbrella Deep Silver 135cm
  • Efficient Cooling

The FC-500C features a larger 11cm diameter fan that allows for efficient cooling at lower speeds. To minimize noise it has four fan modes (Smart / High Speed / Low Speed / Off) that allow the user to manage lighting and audio recording requirements.

In Smart mode, the fan automatically adjusts its speed based on the ambient temperature, allowing for 100% power output while limiting the noise level to around 29 dBA*, making it suitable for professional projects.

  • In Smart mode or Full Speed mode, the maximum output is 100%.
  • In Low Speed mode, the maximum output is 50%. In Off mode, the maximum output is 8%.*approximate average noise level in the Smart mode

Flexible Power Supply

The FC-500C supports DC 48V input and can be powered either by the included power adapter or the external batteries (sold separately). When used with the FC PowerController, the FC-500C can be powered by one or two 14.4-14.8V/26V batteries, providing freedom of movement without the restrictions of needing AC power. This setup also ensures that lighting remains ongoing in outdoor or other environments without power access.

Firmware Update

The FC-500C fixture body is equipped with a USB port for firmware update via a USB drive, unlocking constantly enhanced performance.

EPP Carry Case

The FC-500C comes with a carry case made from high-density EPP material, which offers excellent pressure resistance and impact durability. This makes transporting the FC-500C convenient. The case features two lock catches for a secure yet easy opening, and the carefully designed interior ensures easy storage and access.

Nanlite FC-500C: COB lighting on a moderate budgetFC PowerController – a combined V-mount power unit, charger and controller

Launched at the same time is the innovative new FC PowerController that can power the FC-500C, or FC-300B/500B, from V-mount batteries or AC power. It can also act as a portable V-mount dual battery charger, and offers wired remote control of light settings. Integrating these three main functions into a single handy unit, the FC PowerController is a flexible solution for on-the-go shooting when combined with FC series lights.

The FC PowerController greatly enhances the flexibility of Nanlite FC- 300B/500B/500C. It acts as a battery or AC power supply, V-mount battery charger, and wired remote controller.

V-lock Battery Power Supply: The FC PowerController can power FC300B/500B/500C using V-mount batteries, or an AC power supply.

V-mount Battery Charging: The PowerController can also serve as a battery charger, capable of charging one or two 14.4-14.8/26V V-mount batteries simultaneously.

Control: The FC PowerController provides wired control for FC-300B/500B/500C, making it easy for users to control the fixture even when it is rigged high up.

FC-500C Key Features:

  • LED RGBW spotlight
  • Rated power of 520W, powerful output delivering 57,050 lux@1m (with reflector, 5600K)
  • Wide CCT range of 2700K-7500K with ±150 green/magenta adjustment
  • Excellent color rendition with both CRI/TLCI average 95 and 94, TM-30 Rf average 92, TM-30 Rg average 100
  • Multiple control methods: on-board, remote controller, Nanlink App, DMX/RDM
  • Multiple lighting modes: CCT, HSI, RGBW, gel, effect
  • 15 built-in special effects with customizable parameters in each effect
  • Four fan modes: Smart, Full Speed, Low Speed and Off
  • Built with a Bowens mount and an umbrella mount
  • Support firmware update via USB port on the lamp head
  • Powerable and controllable with the FC PowerController

The  Nanlite FC-500C kit costs USD 1099. The FC PowerController costs USD 399. Both will be available in July 2024 from authorized Nanlite dealers.