Nikon Imaging Cloud is now live

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The new Nikon Imaging Cloud is now live, and you can create an account. The Nikon Imaging Cloud contains four main services for Nikon shooters (see previous coverage):

  • Image Transfer
  • Imaging Recipes
  • Firmware updates
  • Nikon Image Space photo-sharing service

The new Nikon Z6 II camera is already compatible with the Nikon Imaging Cloud, but you can also find uploaded pictures taken with the Z7II and Zf – I assume those cameras will be added later.

Nikon Europe and Nikon Digitutor already have several “how to” videos for the Nikon Imaging Cloud.

Check also the Nikon Z6 III guide on how to connect to Nikon Imaging Cloud (see also this page).

Additional information:

The new Nikon Imaging Cloud service

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