Panasonic Lumix FZ80D gets USB-C to sell in Europe

This post is by Jose Antunes from ProVideo Coalition

Panasonic Lumix FZ80D gets USB-C to sell in EuropeAn updated version of Panasonic’s superzoom camera from 2017, the new Lumix FZ80D keeps the same 18MP sensor but has a crucial change that is due to European legislation: it has an USB-C connection.

If you like compact all-in-one cameras – or bridge cameras, like the pioneer Olympus IS-1 – and applaud the convenience of USB-C, then you will appreciate that Panasonic has, somehow without much fanfare, updated its old FZ80 by introducing a USB-C type connection that was missing from the previous model, first released in 2017. The addition is so important that now it’s mentioned in the key features of this model. Panasonic says that “the camera’s battery can be recharged via USB Type-C according to your convenience” … to which one can add, “and according to European legislation”.

There is a reason for this update: according to the Common Charger Directive 2022/2380 approved by the Council of the European Union, all devices with wired charging capabilities must feature a USB-C port to be eligible for sale within the region. This means that from 28 December 2024, all mobile phones, tablets and cameras sold in the EU must have a USB-C charging port, as Europeans want to reduce electronic waste and make electrical appliances more sustainable. Laptops will be forced to follow the same rule, starting spring 2026.

Panasonic Lumix FZ80D gets USB-C to sell in EuropeThe same old sensor

So, Panasonic is timely changing its camera, adding the mandatory USB-C connection the same way Apple did with its iPhone 15 series, in order to be able to sell it in Europe. In fact, the new FZ80D is still built around the same 18.1-megapixel High Sensitivity MOS Sensor, meaning it’s an old camera in term of specifications. It apparently does continue to sell well, or else Panasonic would introduce a new model, with a modern sensor. Whatever is the reason, a bridge camera like this continues to be a welcome option for many users and uses, and that explains why Panasonic is updating the model.

The zoom lens continues to be the 60x Optical Zoom (35mm camera equivalent: 20-1200mm) that can capture anything from close macro to very distant subjects. In fact, the camera continues to have the same highlights we mentioned here at ProVideo Coalition in 2021, when we included the model in one article about buying suggestions. Here are the key features:

  • Exclusive 4K PHOTO combined with 4K video capture performance.
  • 18.1MP sensor resolution.
  • Optically stabilized 20-1200mm (60X) LUMIX DC VARIO lens
  • Fast and accurate focusing utilizing LUMIX DFD focusing system.

The original FZ80 has what Panasonic calls “travel ready technologies”, like “USB charging and Wi Fi connectivity to your mobile device” with HDMI D, Micro USB and USB 2.0 providing “additional connectivity to your favorite devices” but now the USB interface changes, to follow the legislation from the European Union.

Panasonic Lumix FZ80D gets USB-C to sell in EuropeNew viewfinder and rear monitor

The changes in the new model include the all-new USB-C connection, a much larger and higher-quality electronic viewfinder, which goes from 1.16 million dots to 2.36 million dots and the rear LCD, which is also sharper, increasing from 1.04 million dots to 1.84 million. According to Panasonic, “thanks to a 2,360K-dot OLED Live View Finder of approx.0.74x (35mm camera equivalent), you always have a clear view of your environment even in bright sunlight. A bridge camera for everyone that is perfect to take on your adventures.”

The new 3.0-inch rear monitor with a high resolution of approximately 1,840k-dot features higher visibility even for sunny outdoor shooting, Panasonic claims, adding that “touch control immediately lets you to set focus to the subject by just touching it on the screen and you can even release the shutter.”

While the previous version had Wi-Fi connection built-in, it apparently is gone from this model. Panasonic’s page for the products does not mention it in the specifications.  The recommended price for the Lumix FZ80D is $479. The usual price for the original FZ80 is $399.99, and you can find it at some retailers, including Filmtools.