Turn Your Footage into AI Imagery with the World’s First AI-Powered Movie Camera

This post is by Sunny Shrestha from No Film School

We know, we’ve heard you. Everyone in the film and video industry is clamoring for an AI-powered video camera to help turn their regular, boring filmed footage into AI-powered mega-utlra awesomeness.

Oh… wait. What’s that? You haven’t been clamoring for an AI-powered movie camera…?

Well, too bad—meet the new CMR M-1. This Mark 1 version is inspired by the world’s first 16mm movie camera, the Ciné Kodak, and has been co-developed by SpecialGuestX and 1stAveMachin. It’s set to harness the technology of AI image generator Stable Diffusion to help creatives record video using AI-generated filters.

Regardless of your thoughts on AI, let’s check out this new camera and explore what we know so far about its development.

Introducing the CMR M-1 AI-Powered Camera

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As mentioned above, this new AI-powered camera was co-developed by SpecialGuestX and 1stAveMachin. We don’t know a whole lot about it, but we do know that it uses Stable Diffusion to help shooters record footage that is sent to a cloud-computing service where it is processed with AI to produce very different, and unique, results.

The camera itself looks to have a FLIR sensor, which is usually used in infrared and thermal imaging devices, as well as a Snapdragon CPU, a nice-looking viewport, and a setup for interchangeable lenses to be mounted.

As far as recording goes, it only looks to be capable of recording up to 1368×768 at 12fps, which probably has less to do with the camera’s capabilities and more to do with how much footage is transferred and processed by AI.

An AI-Powered Movie Camera

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So, unlike most film and video cameras, which—you know—record footage from what’s actually happening in front of the lens and store it as data, this AI-powered movie camera is meant to record source material for AI to manipulate.

The CMR M-1 makes use of a unique card slot system that allows a user five different Style Cards which each act as different creative filters which can be fine-tuned in the camera.

You can see some examples of this in the samples above and below, but this is of course the interesting part of this offering as these fine-tuneable AI filters can create some truly bizarre, perhaps great, results.

Price and Availability

Unfortunately for all of you dying to get your hands on this CMR M-1 camera for your own AI film projects, there’s little info about the release date or price at this point. But, if you hang tight, we’ll get you more info as soon as it comes out.

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