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Today is the last day to visit VSL, Kirk Tuck’s Visual Science Lab. At least that’s what Kirk says. He’s threatened to walk away before, but he loves to work and he’s good at it, and evidently has a bottomless pit of energy (I’d kill to have a third as much—okay, a fifth—but—favorite Popeye quote incoming—I yam what I yam). So he’s started a new blog. It’s called GroundZeroArt. So check that out from now on as your daily dose of Kirk. But if you’d like to revisit an old favorite from the VSL blog, looks like today had better be the day.

At least he’s still writing. There’s less and less to read about photography on the Internet these days. Everything’s shifted to YouTube and video, which is continuing to affect cameras—the biggest news from the past few days is a Sony refresh of a “vogging camera” for “creators” that originally came out in  2021. It has, guess what, a new processor! Be still, my beating heart. I feel the way I used to when DPReview used to post news about firmware updates.

That’s camera news these days—a refresh of a not-very-old camera that didn’t interest us much in the first place. Okay, to be honest I yawned so hard I hurt my jaw muscles. But I have a great love for the somewhat similar A6700, so don’t peg me as a Sony hater, or an antiquarian.

And if you’re a creator and have been waiting impatiently for the ZV-E10 II and are furious with me for appearing to badmouth it…well, but you’re not reading TOP, are you? You’re not reading anything. It’s been five years since you read a serious long-form magazine article, much less one of those book thingys, meaning a stack of physical paper bound together along one edge. You’re editing video content and watching videos on your two screens using both software and jargon I never use and probably wouldn’t understand.

I have a medical appointment in five minutes, so, gone fishin’. Go take a last browse around VSL. Or check out GroundZeroArt. I shall return!


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Kye Wood: “Isn’t that your star sign, Antiquarian?”

Mike replies: My astrological sign is Lackadaisian. Our symbol is a small circle at the end of a horizonal line, indicating a nap.


Constellation of three-toed tree sloth. It’s true you can’t see anything, but that’s because he’s hiding, so he can sleep.

Rob Griffin: “Mike, I don’t know much about my astrological sign but I do know that I was raised a Frisbeetarian. We don’t believe our soul goes to heaven or hell when we die. We just think it goes up on the roof and no one can get it down.”

Mike replies: Ah, I’ve known some of you Frisbeetarians. You are all such pleasant sorts. May you continue to soar on an improbable updraft and keep going and going!


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