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Peak Design’s next generation of Moto phone mounts are now listed for funding on Kickstarter (Peak Design has raised $36 million through 11 Kickstarter campaigns, making it the world’s most successfully crowdfunded company – check the official website for their full product line):

  • Qi2 Wireless Charging: The world’s first locking phone mounts will offer fast 15W Qi2 wireless charging. This cutting-edge technology will set the new standard in wireless charging for years to come, promising a hassle-free and efficient charging experience.
  • New Mount Types: Addition of a Brake/Clutch Mount and a Mirror Mount for vastly expanded bike and scooter compatibility.
  • Moto Bar Mount V2: Peak Design’s best-selling Moto Mount has been updated to include an adjustable ball head that lets a user adjust their phone to the ideal viewing angle.
  • Aesthetic Updates: All of Peak Design’s Moto Mounts have received aesthetic tweaks to make them cleaner and sleeker than ever before, further differentiating them from the bulky, aggressively-styled competition.

The SwitchLens Micro Four Thirds camera for smartphones has already raised almost $500k on Kickstarter with 16 more days left:

The SwitchLens Micro Four Thirds camera for smartphones has already raised over $230k on Kickstarter

The following Kickstarter projects are still listed for funding:

Old Kickstarter projects now available for direct sale:

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