Could DALL-E 2’s AI Technology Kill Filmmaking as We Know It?

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Could AI image generation eventually replace filmmakers?

Like many, I’m sure, I was quite intrigued to read about how the AI overlords have arrived to boost our creative projects with the introduction of DALL-E 2—an updated AI system from OpenAI that generates images from simple text descriptions.

However, the more I began to think about things, the more my excitement seemed to turn to worry.

Then, this week, I saw a great Twitter thread by visual artist and director Alan Resnick. It perfectly summed up my excitement/worry and has now led me to believe that DALL-E 2’s AI technology, while exciting, energizing, and indeed very cool—could also spell the end for filmmaking as we know it.

The Future of General Intelligence AI Technology

So, as you can see in the thread above (as well as in our original write-up on this groundbreaking new tech here on No Film School), it’s hard not to get excited about this bold new world initially.

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