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The Sony a7R V is a Powerful Camera, But is It the Right Camera?

This post is by David Schloss from PetaPixel

Sony a7R V

Sony’s latest Alpha 7R V camera sports some seriously impressive capabilities that make it hard to ignore. But given the other cameras in Sony’s line, even if this is the latest and greatest, is it the best for you?

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What is a Rangefinder Camera?

This post is by Daniel O'Neil from PetaPixel

In the photographic arms race, mirrorless systems are on the rise, having pushed DSLRs into the history books. But, just as film isn’t dead, neither are rangefinders. This seemingly obsolete design remains sharp, fast, and challenging enough to suit even the most confident photographers.

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Deal Alert: Save $100 on the Tokina atx-m 11-18mm f/2.8 for Sony E

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Looking to expand your lens collection for your crop-sensor Sony mirrorless camera or a perfect holiday gift for a Sony shooter in your life? The Japanese lens manufacturer Tokina has an instant savings deal just for you. For a limited time, get $100 off the new Tokina atx-m 11-18mm f/2.8.

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Tamron is Working on Five f/1.4 Prime Lenses for Mirrorless Cameras

This post is by Jaron Schneider from PetaPixel

Tamron Prime Lens Patents

Tamron appears to be working on a series of fast f/1.4 prime lenses according to patents filed in Japan. These lenses would be the fastest the company has produced for mirrorless cameras and would expand the company’s rather small line of prime lenses.

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