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Beginner basics: What is a prime lens?

This post is by Jeff Carlson from Photofocus

Prime lensesWhile exploring the world of photography, you will probably come across the term “prime lens.” For newbies, it might sound like technical jargon, but it’s actually a handy lens to know and have. Let’s take a look at prime lenses and explore why they are a favorite among many photographers. What is a prime lens? […]

How to photograph for HDR in five simple steps

This post is by Angela Andrieux from Photofocus

Creating HDR (high dynamic range) photography is a 2-part process: Part one takes place behind the camera — part two, behind the computer. Many tutorials focus on how to process HDR images. But in this article, I’m going to share how to photograph for HDR in five simple steps. 1. Clean your gear HDR brings […]

Creating beautiful bokeh

This post is by Pam DeCamp from Photofocus

Create Bokeh in your imagesBokeh is a word that is often used to describe images with backgrounds that are out of focus. Photographers gravitate toward the goal of creating beautiful bokeh. First we need to understand what bokeh is and how it adds creativity to our images. When I was asked to critique images, and the theme was bokeh, […]

Beginner basics: What is white balance in photography?

This post is by Jeff Carlson from Photofocus

What is white balance in photography?Capturing images with accurate colors and tones is essential for creating stunning and visually appealing photographs. One crucial element that helps achieve this is white balance. In this article, we will explore the concept of white balance, its importance, and how it can elevate your photography skills. What is white balance? White balance refers to […]

Lessons from the field: There’s always an image to create

This post is by Scott Bourne from Photofocus

The sound of my alarm jolts me from a restful sleep. Groaning, I turn it off and automatically try to find reasons to stay in bed. Do I really need to go shoot sunrise today? Shouldn’t I just stay under this warm, cozy comforter? Eventually, I guilt myself into getting out of bed and layer […]

Get fired up for fireworks

This post is by Bob Coates from Photofocus

Fireworks come but once a year for many of us. It calls for specialized settings in order to get the most out of our 30-40 minute opportunity each year. I know I’ve always got to go back and review the previous year’s camera settings in order to improve my crop of good ones each time […]

Fingers and forms: 5 tips for posing hands

This post is by Amanda Lusent from Photofocus

Photography is about capturing the perfect moment; one of the most important parts of a great shot is how you pose your hands. Hand poses can make or break a photo. In this article, we’ll discuss the top five tips on how to pose your hands for photos to help you look your best. 1. […]

Milky Way and Night Sky Workshop with Bob Coates

This post is by Bob Coates from Photofocus

milky way over courthouse butte sedona azAs a resident of Sedona, Arizona I have had the opportunity to explore and find many beautiful locations for landscape photography. In my mind the only thing better is nightscape photography featuring the Milky Way and the heavens. Night Sky Workshop I’ve designed night sky photo workshops around Sedona’s International Dark Sky Designation. You can […]

Simplify and let go

This post is by J.J. Aaron from Photofocus

You probably already know how to use your camera to get the images you want. You might have a style that’s recognized a mile away, a repeatable workflow and people who love your photos. Well now what? Is it still enjoyable? What do you do to spur new growth? Consider taking a step back. Simplify, […]

What’s coming up: Photography events to plot on your summer calendar

This post is by Dave Moser from Photofocus

Following up on our post on Festival, fair and carnival photography, we received lots of comments about summer activities. After our last “from the show floor post,” we had a few people tell us, “I’d have gone, but didn’t know about it” or “WOW, sorry I missed that one.” So, I thought a quick update […]